2012 Poker Run Class Winners

Rail Class: Luke Betts     3 Kings & 2 Aces/ Full House

Bug Class: Jeremy Altman     3 Kings/ 3 of a Kind

Jeep Class: Juan Luis Garcia Felix   2 thru 5/ Straight

Miscellaneous Class: Michael Pinkston   3 Eights/ 3 of a Kind

Truck Class: Paul Wilson   4 Aces/ 4 of a kind

Women ATV/Moto Class: Wendy Stiver    3 Threes/ 3 of a Kind

Quad’s: Jose Fitz    4 Tens/ 4 of a Kind

Motorcycle Class: Jeff Mohnhaupt     Kings & Nines/ Full House


Congratulations to all of the Poker Run Class Winners! Come back out next year in 2013 and see if you can all do it again. Thank you again for participating.


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